Bio Sauna

The bio sauna is an innovative thermal process that allows you to stimulate the person’s psychophysical well-being by combining the beneficial properties of the sauna and the steam bath. The bio sauna actually makes it possible to combine the dry heat generated by the sauna with steam and thus achieve a heat emission with a precisely defined percentage of moisture. Usually the indoor temperature is around 60 ° C with an indoor humidity percentage of around 50%

Why bio sauna?
  • because it is considered an excellent method of relaxation
  • because it promotes calm
  • Because it is an excellent skin cleansing treatment
  • because it improves cell turnover
  • because it improves your metabolism
  • because it stimulates blood circulation
  • because it relieves muscle, joint and rheumatic pain
  • because it increases the immune system of the respiratory tract
  • because it makes it easier to expel toxins after physical activity
Soft sauna for your well-being

The bio sauna is a pleasantly regenerating sauna in which the temperature does not exceed 50 ° C, while the humidity with the steam generated by moistened dried herbs can reach 65-70% in order to reproduce the conditions of the hay bath.

It is a soft sauna with which the well-being of body and soul is increased by adding scented essences. It is also suitable as a first approach to preparing for the Finnish sauna.

The beneficial effects of the bio sauna are undoubted and proven. Occasional use of a bio sauna has a relaxing effect, but does not significantly affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system. This has great advantages if you have regular bio sauna sessions.

The bio sauna, like all other types of saunas, emphasizes the circulatory system by alternating hot and cold baths, which forces capillaries, arteries and superficial veins to continuously alternate enlargements and constrictions that keep them particularly elastic and efficient. This leads to a greater resistance of the body to temperature changes and therefore to all diseases associated with it (colds, bronchitis, etc.).

By increasing the body temperature to a maximum of 39 °, staying in the bio sauna keeps the immune system “on alert” and thus strengthens the body’s defenses.

Health and bio sauna

This type of sauna is also recommended as a form of rehabilitation after a period of time for those who have had a heart attack! On the other hand, it is contraindicated in certain other heart diseases. However, we recommend that those who have had heart problems see a doctor to see if a sauna is appropriate or not.

Last but not least, one of the advantages of the bio sauna is to make us more beautiful: By expelling toxins and waste through sweating, the pores of the skin are cleaned, which become lighter, smoother and more elastic.

The bio sauna also has a certain slimming effect, increasing the heart rate increases the metabolism, which leads to weight loss. After 2-3 passes, you can lose up to 1.5 kg. However, because it is important to replenish lost fluids through drinking, some of this benefit is lost.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try it!

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