Convince yourself of the colors and scents of the landscape…

As in the past, the way from the Hotel Gallo Nero to the sea leads over the old terraces, which are covered with Mediterranean essences, fruit trees and lovingly tended gardens. The easy descent to the beach through this garden with a wonderful scent from the past will allow you to discover a dimension of vacation, to live with the rhythms of nature. If you walk in silence between the scents and maybe pause to pick a delicious fruit from one of the plants, you can escape the rush of everyday life for a while.

The hotel’s over 15,000 square meter country garden preserves valuable species that were once cultivated here for families. Grape vines, olive trees and lots of fruit trees, but it’s also a rose garden and an authentic botanical garden where you can discover the Mediterranean essences. There are benches and sun loungers along the terraces where you can relax, read or sunbathe. but also the garden terrace, a covered space for yoga or body weight exercises.

At the end of the path along the garden you can access the network of trails of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, which stretches over much of the island. In the middle of the forests and the lush Mediterranean nature, you can practice various outdoor activities. From trekking to mountain biking, but you can also “hike” in peace to get in touch with protected nature.

Cottage Hotel Gallo NeroOnly a few steps away from the “main house”, which is equipped with all services and embedded in the tranquility of the garden, we offer cottages with terraces with sea views.

They have their own entrance to guarantee guests a stay in complete freedom.