Find yourself in a moment dedicated to yourself… Treat yourself to moments of peace and serenity to devote yourself to taking care of your body and mind. Discover the benefits of a relaxing massage in an environment where positive thoughts and memories are released. Experience the soothing warmth of the BioSauna and immerse yourself in the heated whirlpool with hydro and color therapy on a terrace with a view of the sea and the horizon…

Memories are our past that writes our story that is written in the book of our minds. They are jewels and rubbish that are kept in the casket of our heart. Memories, lived, desired, loved pieces of life.

Let yourself be enveloped by the atmosphere of the Hall of Memories, pause for a moment, close your eyes and think… of a journey into memory.

This is the ideal place to relax and indulge in the wisdom of our massage therapist’s hands.

Massage therapy

An ancient practice that combines Swedish massage and Shiatsu, ideal for relaxing muscle tension and relieving fatigue. The elimination of toxins and the stimulation of blood circulation give an immediate and intense feeling of well-being. The treatments can be carried out on the whole body as well as longer on a specific part in order to relieve tension or drainage.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurveda is a very ancient Indian science. His traditional massage, the Abyangam, transforms the compressed energies by focusing on specific energy points called “chakras” and aims to restore the balance of the human being as a whole of body, mind and spirit. In addition, the abundant use of oil deeply nourishes the skin, making it soft and firm.

Ayurvedic massage with four hands

Ayurvedic massage was originally performed by two or more users. Discover a unique, intense and unforgettable experience by letting yourself be carried away by the dancing synchronicity of the four hands.

Prenatal Massage

A really useful and well-deserved “cuddle” for the future mother and her baby.