Celebrate a new day…

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. A principle that we firmly believe in at Hotel Gallo Nero, almost a ritual that we want to celebrate with our guests every day.

The choice of breakfast depends on the day’s commitments. That is why our proposals are very diverse, rich and adaptable to all needs. For guests who just want to enjoy the beach to athletes who want to intensify their training.

In addition to tea and coffee, there is also fresh milk, soy or rice milk, yoghurt and fruit juices, but also fresh and dried fruit, honey, Nutella, cooked or raw vegetables, scrambled eggs, omelets, cold cuts, cheese with various types of fresh bread directly from the village bakery, rice cakes and rusks.

However, the most popular proposals from our offer are traditional fresh desserts prepared in our kitchen and natural artisanal jams. Of course, gluten-free and organic products are offered.

Usually breakfast is served on the panoramic terraces around the main part of the hotel. A stage between sky and sea to start the new day in the best possible way.