Lose yourself in the simple beauty of the landscape…

In a green-blue curve on the west side of the island of Elba, where the breath of the forest meets the sea breeze, Sant’Andrea beach cuts a space between sculptural rocks smoothed by time.

From the rocky tip of the cape of the same name to the tiny sandy bay of Cotoncello, white houses emerge amid gardens and ancient terraces, following one another until you reach the Mediterranean scrub. Around the nature protected by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, with miles of fragrant trails that allow you to reach nearby villages, but also the top of Monte Capanne. Traverse centuries-old chestnut forests, lush holm oak forests, and ruins of ancient granite.

The beauty of nature is combined with the simple elegance of the village, which offers modern accommodation that is well integrated into the environment, which preserves the characteristics of the past when the first inns emerged from farmhouses. A special place to put aside the fears of everyday life for a while, but without sacrificing consolation; Sant’Andrea even has a small jetty for small boats, a boat rental, windsurfing school, diving school, bazaar, bars and restaurants and many services within the hotel.