Pool SPA Crystal 36 air jets and 13 massage jets

When you immerse yourself in our pool, you can enjoy every positive effect that water can create. The combined effect of hydrotherapy and chromotherapy has a positive effect on well-being and relaxation, but above all on the protection of health.

Hydrotherapy, water for the treatment of well-being, relaxation and health.

Immersing yourself in a room where hot water of constant temperature and properly injected air fully interact with the body creates a feeling of complete well-being. The massage obtained by the pressure of the water envelops the entire body and has a strong tightening effect, reactivates the circulation, restores the tone of the tissue and contributes to the drainage of stagnant fluids from the fatty tissue.

Color therapy, colors for the natural balance between body and psyche.

Color therapy is an alternative medicine that uses color to help the mind and body regain their natural balance. Colors are life force and a source of energy. Irradiation with colored light rays can stimulate the formation of body cells and affect nerves and organs, thereby improving the biological functions of one’s own body.

We offer our guests the pleasure of hydrotherapy and chromotherapy.