Sant'Andrea Elba Island
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Marciana - Elba Island (LI)

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Sant'Andrea Elba Island
Capo Sant'Andrea Sant'Andrea, a magnificent bay on Elba's north-western coast, is an island within the island. It is a small oasis, with the green of the maquis and the blue of the sea giving guests the sensation of a place free from all contamination. At Sant'Andrea nature reigns supreme, and it has a wild beauty, starting from the clear, emerald-green waters. The beach of golden sand is cut out from the middle of a chain of sculpted cliffs, which run all the way to the tiny sandy inlet of Cotoncello.

All around, flourishing, fragrant, multicoloured vegetation. Rosemaries, brooms, heathers, rock rose and bright pink expanses of "Hottentot figs": a spectacle that only Sant'Andrea has always provided. It has been offered to guests since 1950, when accommodation began to be made available in the first "houses in the country" beside the old lemon groves and vineyards on their stone-walled terraces.

At that time it was the wild beauty of the place that appealed to the first holiday-makers, who came to Tonino and Rosa's inn on mule-back. Rosa's wonderful food and the warm hospitality did the rest. Tonino and Rosa's story is one they share with many pioneers of the Elba holiday industry. They were country people, capable of managing the economic transformations the island needed with balance and intelligence.

Like others who belonged to a generation of Elba folk who achieved success in the holiday business through incredible sacrifices, in the middle of the last century Mr and Mrs Anselmi senior first opened an inn, which they then converted into a boarding-house and then the Hotel Gallo Nero. And in the '70s Tonino and Rosa were succeeded by their son Loriano and his wife Sandra.

Sant'Andrea is situated on the slopes of the Monte Capanne mountain, 1.019 meters high. At the base of the mountain a large web of paths and trails leads on the top or around the mountain, as well as to all the small villages of the western coast.

Walking through the valleys with their century old chestnut trees or the mediterranean macchia vegetation with its strong profums is a particular emotion. You will discover sudden breathtaking panoramas or encounter animals or strange rock formations recalling natural sculptures of animals, monsters...

Some easy trails, through vineyards and crossing small cascades, lead to the antic paths, rich in history, that get you to the villages of Marciana or Chiessi.