Wellness and Relax Hotel Gallo Nero
Via San Gaetano, 20
Capo Sant'Andrea - 57030
Marciana - Elba Island (LI)

Cell. +39 335 7116152
Tel. +39 0565 908017 – 908277
Fax +39 0565 908078
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Summer Holiday - Desire for Summer!
End July and all the first week of August with cheeper price;
It 's the right time to discover the beauty of the sea of Sant’Andrea
and relax in our Wellness Oasis


Booking a stay with us you will receive a discount code to buy boat tickets with the company Toremar, Moby or Blu Navy (no additional charge and booking fee)!

Welness and Relax Hotel Gallo Nero
Crystal Pool Spa 36 air jets and 13 jets multimassage

Immerse yourself in our pool is a way to enjoy any beneficial effect that water is able to make. The combined effect of hydrotherapy and chromotherapy acts positively on the care of your wellbeing and relax but also on the protection of your health.

Hydrotherapy, the water for the care of health, relax and health.

Immerse yourself in a space where the hot water at constant temperature and the air injected interact seamlessly with the body and gives a feeling of well-being. The massage achieved by pressure of the water envelops the entire body and has a highly invigorating effect, reactivates the circulation, restoring firmness to the tissues and helping to drain stagnant fluids adipose tissue.

Chromotherapy, the colors for the natural balance between body and psyche.

Chromotherapy is an alternative medicine that uses colors to help the body and mind to restore their natural balance. The colors are a vital force and energy source. The irradiations with beams of colored light can stimulate the formation of body cells and affect nerves and organs, improving the biological functions of your body.

The pleasure of hydrotherapy and chromotherapy for our guests

Health and relax

Memories are our past, our history written in the book of our mind. Jewelry and trinkets stored in the treasure chest of our hearts. Memories, pieces of real life, desired, loved.

Being enveloped by the atmosphere of Saletta dei Ricordi, stop, close your eyes and think... a trip down memory lane.

This is the ideal place to relax and surrender to the wisdom of the hands of our therapist.

Therapeutic massage - Healing, Relaxing, Regenerating

Therapeutic massage is an ancient technique combining swedish and shiatsu strokes, ideal for the relaxation of muscular tissues and tiredness relief. The de-toxing process and blood pressure stimulation donate an instant and intense feeling of well-being, while the sweet almond oil used, nourishes the skin deeply, leaving is soft and toned. Each treatment can either be carried out on the whole body, or concentrated for longer on a specific area in order to ease tension or to solve a physical problem.

Full body: legs, back, shoulders, neck, head, face, arms, hands, feet.
Upper Body: back, shoulders, neck, head, face.