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Elba Island Hotel Gallo Nero
Elba is Italy's third largest island by area, and the biggest of the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. It is also the most varied in landscape and has the best-developed holiday industry. It attracts more than three million holiday-makers a year, from Italy and abroad, attracted by its clear seas and large areas of still wild natural landscape.

Elba is an island with a wealth of rich vegetation, which spreads bright colours over its slopes, fields and cliffs, especially in spring and autumn. The journalist and author Gaspare Barbiellini Amidei has written that he could not imagine the island without the "silent, fragrant population of its flora, which makes its unmistakable mark on this piece of Italy". The mild climate plays a major role in this: the average winter temperature is 10°, while in summer it is around 24°, with peaks of 30° in July. These factors make Elba an ideal holiday venue.

Another important factor is its nearness to the mainland: the island is just 10 kilometres from Piombino and the ferry trip takes one hour.

National Park since 1996.
In 1996, the quality of the Mediterranean natural heritage of Elba and the other islands of the Archipelago led to the establishment of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, Europe's largest marine nature reserve, with 60 thousand hectares of sea. Elba is home to the Park headquarters and about half its territory, which includes unique natural ecosystems such as the wetlands, the dune systems and the mining areas, is protected. The mining zones, concentrated above all at Capoliveri and Rio Marina, have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Elba in History.
It was because of this tradition of mining iron ore, and minerals it offers in higher concentrations that anywhere else in the world, that Elba was conquered over the centuries by important powers. The Etruscans, Romans, Pisans, Spanish and French have all left fascinating signs of their passage on the island. Towers, fortresses, ancient remains and patrician and imperial villas reflect the island's strategic importance in history. This is demonstrated not only by the Medici Fortresses at Portoferraio and the Spanish Fortress at Porto Azzurro, but also by Napoleon's Residences at Mulini and San Martino, also at Portoferraio.

From the Mountains to the Sea.
Nowadays the island is loved above all for the beauty of its landscape and its sea. Growing numbers of holiday-makers are choosing to visit it to walk the network of paths that criss-crosses its interior, through the maquis, majestic chestnut woods, and granite slabs. The sea and beaches are Elba's chief attraction for tourists. The transparency of the water dialogues with the colours of the maquis, which runs right down to the coast. The 147 kilometres of coastline offer a vast variety of beaches. Of sand or shingle, Elba's beaches can satisfy every desire, including the wish for a small corner of paradise well away from mass tourism.